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We invest in high quality real estate in order to deliver superior returns for investors, partners, and employees.

BayNorth Capital LLC is a real estate investment firm that traces its roots back to Harvard Management Company. After managing an investment portfolio exclusively for the Harvard University endowment from 1992-1998, the BayNorth team broadened its investor base to include many institutional and family office clients. Over its history, the team has invested over $2.0 billion of equity capital.

Today, the firm is led by Charlie Flint, David Cronin and Matt Devine.

BayNorth invests in high quality real estate in primary and secondary markets in the United States. Experience investing in and owning properties through multiple real estate cycles enables the BayNorth team to apply keen judgment to maximize the value of its clients’ assets.

Typically, investments made by BayNorth are pursued in conjunction with entrepreneurial operating partners who are experts in their respective markets and bring functional expertise and property level asset management services to the partnership.  Deep relationships with our partners and investors allow us to quickly identify and capitalize compelling investment opportunities.l

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Areas of Expertise


We look to invest in quality residential properties in markets with strong rental demand and favorable employment trends.  High operating margins and consistent cash flow create a stable base for a well balanced real estate portfolio.  An efficient transaction market gives investors a source of liquidity when it is needed.

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seniors housing

Baby boomers are aging and the long term demand for seniors housing will continue to grow as this happens.  Our history investing in seniors housing dates back over 20 years, to a time when very little institutional capital was active in the asset class.  We apply the lessons we have learned over the years in order to identify investments in properties that are poised to profit from this demographic tailwind.



Business is forever changing for retailers, and as investors in and owners of retail properties, we look to invest in assets that stand to benefit from current trends.  Our experience gives us the foresight and conviction to implement the physical renovations needed to attract the mix of retail tenants that will generate short term returns and long term stability.

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mixed use

In locations with high land cost and a dense population base, the highest and best use of a site typically includes multiple property types.  A well executed mixed-use plan can be very profitable and serve as a hub of activity for a community - which creates inherent long term value.  We use our expertise across the various property types in order to identify opportunities for mixed-use developments that product-type specialists might miss.

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